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Do you feel you don’t know where to start with your packing?


Are you avoiding the inevitable because you can’t decide what to keep?


Are you drowning in years of accumulated possessions?


Are you worried about packing treasured items?


Do you have little time to tackle this task?


Are you, your partner or a family member moving out?


Are you frustrated that your property won/t sell?




moving house
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Moving in? Let us help you with . . .


If you wish to move mountains tomorrow you must start by lifting stones today

Moving Out? We can get you organised in the lead up to your move through . . .

Decluttering to reduce the cost and hassle of packing

and transporting uneccessary items


Packing items and labelling them systematically


Packing possessions after a family member/ partner/flatmate/ tenant has moved out or departed


Sorting a loved one's posessions sensitively in

preparation for a move into a residential care home

Ensuring you have the essential items to hand for the first day in your new home


Unpacking belongings in practical and manageable steps


Tidying items methodically to make optimum use of space and to ensure a clear organised start


Advising you on the arrangement and zoning of rooms


Agreeing a tailored plan to phase the unpacking of items as and when you need them

        See our Organising and Decluttering and Packing pages to find out more about how we can help

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