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Barbara Hemphill

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      "Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions."

Clutter slowing you down? We can help get your home up to speed through...

Chaotic work space? No problem! We specialise in...

Sorting sensitively through belongings together at your pace


Eliminating unwanted items from an overcrowded space


Recycling or donating items to a charity close to your heart


Organising  possessions so they are tidy and accessible


Creating  storage systems and solutions that work for you


Adjusting a living space after a family member / partner / flatmate / has moved out or departed.

Sorting through folders, files and paperwork with you


Shredding confidential documents where necessary


Organising paperwork & equipment to be tidy and accessible


Arranging your work space so it is organised and stylish


Creating a positive, ordered work environment  


Sourcing multi functional solutions to optimise space

Planning, organising and packing for you


Reducing stress by managing preparations in the lead up


Streamlining your packing to possessions you really want


Ensuring your transition is smooth and well organised


Minimising the needless packing of unwanted items

  Moving day fast approaching? We can lighten the load by...

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