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Our Story

Having worked together for 15 years, we discovered we shared the same passion for order and simplicity. This philosophy translates into everything we do. We love creating spaces that are functional, look good and most importantly make people happy. Realising we didn't have to separate our passion from our work, an exciting new chapter began for us and Embracing Space was born.


Our combined backgrounds in teaching, art, fashion and design enable us to bring positive work and life experiences and a plethora of skills to our projects. We have a natural flair for creativity

and have undertaken countless projects both at work and at home. As mothers of six children between us, there is the necessity to create calm from chaos! We have instinctively developed techniques to keep us organised in our own busy family lives. We are practical and purposeful. These qualities enable us to clearly see what needs to be done and how to do it fast!


We find that family, friends and colleagues turn to us for creative inspiration or for practical tips on how to keep a busy home up to speed. By sharing our ideas and vision, we are able to offer support and direction, whilst demonstrating how small steps can lead to remarkable transformations. Exploring possibilities with others in this way is always an exciting journey and one we find immensely fulfilling. It is this experience that motivates us and so Embracing Space

has been a natural next step for us.

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Tina & Anastasia